Inverter spot welder MULTISPOT MI-100control, MC-5000

3 x 208 – 240 V, CSA, with heat exchanger MI-100-3 and accessories package

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Spot-welding of structural body damage, specially designed for high-strength steel like boron, USIBOR, TWIP, TRIP, XIP

  1. Process safety through intelligent control technology with the aim of reproducing the production spot welds as reliable and process-proof as possible. Easy and intuitive user interface. Order-related logging of all important welding data. Analysis and statistics functions by special PC software (optional).
  2. Investment return through a modular “system MULTISPOT”, long-term return for the investment in the workshop. Existing tools can be used in the future; new welding tasks of the manufacturers can be realized by easy software updates with a memory card.
  3. Efficient repair welding: Intuitive operation concept, thus efficient work in the workshop. Analysis abilities for continuous efficiency control and further development are integrated for the service manager.


  • MULTISPOT central connection and tool recognition.
  • Modular design, future-proof upgradeable.
  • Perfect welding results by impedance measuring.
  • Automatic readjustment of the current, thus uniform quality from the first to the last spot weld.
  • No performance drop with primers, adhesives, anti-corrosion varnish, etc.
  • Presetting of the welding parameters.
  • Official Opel/GME welding programs with extensive documentation.
  • Own welding programs can be stored.
  • Software update for new vehicles.
  • Proof of quality through storage of important welding and order data.
  • Special PC reading software (optional).

Scope of delivery:

  • mit MC-5000
  • Schweißpistole
  • Linear-Balancer
  • Ausziehwerkzeug
  • Servicebox
  • Wärmetauscher
  • Servicebox
  • Punktpistole mit Ausziehwerkzeug
  • Punktzange MC-5000 WS
  • C-Arm 410/250 LC/WS
  • Elektrodensatz für C-Arm 160 LC
  • C-Arm 160 LC/WS
  • Schnellausbeulhammer


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Tech Data

FeaturesInverter spot welder MULTISPOT MI-100control, MC-5000Inverter spot welder MULTISPOT MI-100control, MC-5000Inverter spot welder MULTISPOT MI-100control, MC-5000Inverter spot welder MULTISPOT MI-100control, MC-5000Inverter spot welder MULTISPOT MI-100control T, MTC-6000Inverter spot welder MULTISPOT MI-100control T, MTC-6000
Nominal machine power at 50% ED60kVA60kVA30kVA
Welding current12kA12kA14kA
Idle voltage23V23V16V
Protection class21IP21IP21IP
Electrode surface pressure450daN450daN600daN
Max. operating temperature40°C40°C40°C
Cable length2,5m2,5m5m
Pliers weight (with cable)5,8kg5,8kg9,7kg
Power supply208 - 240 V | 50 - 60 Hzmm230 V | 50 - 60 Hz230 V | 50 - 60 Hz
Fuse protection32A slow-blow32A slow-blow63A slow-blow
Connection power42kVA42kVA21kVA
Supply lead4 x 6mm²4 x 6mm²4 x 6mm²