Inverter spot welder MULTISPOT MI-100control T, MTC-6000

3 x 400 V CE STANDARD, transformer pliers, power supply (mobile), tongs holder

Category: MPN: VAS 821201

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Spot-welding of structural body damage, specially designed for high-strength steel like boron, TWIP, USIBOR, TRIP, XIP.

    • Worldwide the only fully automatic welding system
    • Automatic starting current
    • Monitoring of the welding process with automatic readjustment
    • Automatic welding power
    • Automatic welding time control
  2. Process safety by intelligent control technology, thus producing spot welds of comparable quality to that of new vehicles in production. Easy and intuitive user interface. Order-related logging of all essential welding data per spot weld is possible. Analysis and statistics functions by special PC software (optional).
  3. Investment return through the modular ‘System MULTISPOT’, long-term return for the investment in the workshop. Easy tool change (X- or C/tongs); new welding tasks of the vehicle manufacturers are always possible through software updates using Compact Flash memory cards.
  4. Efficient repair welding by “typical MULTISPOT” simple operation concept, thus efficient work and short training period. Analysis options for efficiency control and further development are integrated for the service manager (optional PC software).


  • MULTISPOT “T” central connection and tool recognition.
  • High welding power of max. 14000 A with just 32 A mains fuse protection.
  • High tongs pressing force of 600 daN at 8 bar (MTC-6000).
  • Perfect welding results by impedance measuring.
  • Automatic readjustment of the welding parameters, thus uniform quality from the first to the last spot weld.
  • Automatic recognition and compensation of interference factors like adhesives, KTL, contamination, or parts tolerances.
  • Very easy and thus quickly learned operation.
  • Welding programs of vehicle manufacturers and own welding programs can be stored.
  • Software update possible for new vehicle types.
  • Proof of quality through storage of important welding and order data for each spot weld.
  • Special PC software (optional) for the service manager for documentation/analysis of the stored spot weld data.
  • Large work reach by 5 m long tongs cable.
  • Conforming to BGV B11 and the EU directive (2004/40/EG).

Scope of delivery:

  • Power supply (mobile)
  • Pliers holder



Tech Data

FeaturesInverter spot welder MULTISPOT MI-100control T, MTC-6000Inverter spot welder MULTISPOT MI-100control T, MTC-6000
Nominal machine power at 50% ED30kVA
Welding current14kA
Idle voltage16V
Protection class21IP
Electrode surface pressure600daN
Max. operating temperature40°C
Cable length5m
Pliers weight (with cable)9,7kg
Power supply400 V | 50 - 60 Hz
Fuse protection32A slow-blow
Connection power21kVA
Supply lead4 x 6mm²